Firm Profile

Predock_Frane Architects was established by Hadrian Predock and John Frane in the year 2000 as a collaborative research and development design studio. They offer a collaborative working relationship with prospective clients that aims to elicit deep thinking around design problems and produce sensate, atmospheric architecture. Initial explorations with clients include an exhaustive effort to explore a range of possible solutions that nudge both architect and owner to explore outside of conventional boundaries.

The work of their practice ranges from small scale art projects to infrastructure and large public venues.  Seeking to open new territories for locality and specificity, their research driven projects seek to extract and transfer extra-disciplinary logics into architectural terrain, while encouraging site and context to become active and vital agents in shaping material and spatial development.

Products of the digital/analog cusp generation, they seek to capitalize on the fertile territory that exists between empirical and computational modes. Holding a strong belief that seemingly dissonant alliances can produce beautiful offspring, they find interest where normally polarized positions interact.

They are challenged by building rich atmospheres out of limited and constrained material sets, thus their work has a strong sensate orientation and experiential bias.

Predock_Frane accolades include the 2004, 2012 Venice Biennale, 2006 Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial, Architectural League Emerging Voices, multiple AIA Honor Awards, and were recently nominated as a 2011 Marcus Prize candidate. They have taken part in many exhibitions, their work is published internationally, and they have lectured widely

Sustainable thinking and design has been a driving force in Predock Frane’s design practice since its inception, and a thorough integration of intelligent environmental strategies underpins all of their work. Rather than applying a monolithic solution, the most efficient approach is carefully assessed for each individual project. Notable sustainable projects include the Center for Gravity Foundation Hall (using locally sourced materials, rammed earth walls for full passive/diurnal heat measures, a geothermal closed loop system for radiant heating, and multiple day lighting strategies which almost entirely eliminate the need for artificial light), the Guadalajara International Book Fair Pavilion (utilizing locally sourced, reusable shipping palettes to create a rich exhibition space that is entirely “re-lifed” when dismantled), and the recently designed public art installation for the city of Perth, Australia (creating an urban oasis that modulates the harsh local environment, enhances the performance of the plaza, and is entirely energy independent, making a strong public statement for civic responsibility).

John and Hadrian have taught at UCLA, USC, Tulane and Berkeley. Predock_Frane’s work has won numerous awards including multiple Nation and Local American Institute of Architects Honor Awards. Their work has been published internationally, and they have lectured widely.

John Frane is a licensed Architect in the State of California; Hadrian Predock is a licensed Architect in the States of California and Arizona.

John Frane was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and received his BArch in 1993 from the University of Texas at Austin.

Hadrian Predock was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and received his MArch in 1993 from Harvard’’s Graduate School of Design.

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